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Consciousness - The Interpretation

by Jack Panyakone

My quest to understand 'consciousness' began many years ago. Not because it was difficult to understand but because it helped me to understand why life behaves and acts the way it does. Something in our sub-consciousness must trigger these acts.

Similar to the word 'mind', consciousness is also the least understood by the many. We speak of it all the time as if we know what it is. Many people, including Webster dictionary, define consciousness as 'being aware' or 'having feelings'. However, my understanding of consciousness goes deeper than just the defined statements. One cannot speak of consciousness without the word 'mind'. These two words go hand-in-hand. Compared to our body, the body cannot survive without a heart. Likewise, a heart serves no purpose without the body.

Consciousness was probably born at the same time as the mind - many eons in the past. A popular question asked by many for enjoyment, which came first? Chicken or Egg. My answer would be both came at the same time. One could not exist without the other. Consciousness, therefore, can be defined as both memory(ies) and storage device of the mind - similar to computer harddrive. As mentioned in the previous post, Mind / The Interpretation, mind is a central processing unit for the self. Mind follows a set of instructions stored in the consciousness. These instructions are as simple as compare and update the information. They are also as complex as anyone can imagine.

To begin, consciousness is a stored memory of information - any information. Information such as sight and sound, thought and feeling, physical and mental activity, and just about anything and everything you can imagine. What we hear, see, think, feel, do, and imagine are being updated constantly by our mind - similarly to how computer CPU processes its information. These stored memories cannot be deleted but can be updated with the new ones. For instance, when we drive a car to an unfamiliar place. We store the route that takes us there. Later, if we find a better route, we also store this new route in our consciousness. And if we know five ways to this particular place, we have five stored memories. Mind is magical. It compares the information being perceived with these stored memories in order to take the next step - old or new. If the information is new, the mind adds it to its storage device.

Now, if we sit calmly figuring out how much memores we have accumulated within this lifetime. We would probably remember about 5 to 15%. Other 85% or so of these memories are not lost (deleted); however, they have been placed in our subconsciousness due to infrequent access. When we are having a deja vu, we actually are accessing the information in our subconsciouness. This information could come from the pastlife.

In this post, I have shared briefly my understanding of consciousness. To really understand anything, especially non-physical being, is to dig into ourselves with questions on a continual basis. Libraries, bookstores, and online are great resources for reading. In my life I have read perhaps three books cover to cover. I mostly skim through other books I have bought or just let them sit on my bookshelf unread. With that said, I use Vipassana or Insight meditation methods to help me answer my questions regarding mind, consciousness, phenomenon activities, and magic.

I use the words 'pastlife' in this post because mind and consciousness are not physical in our sense and therefore they must be some kind of non-physical being. I'll share this phenomenon at a later time.

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