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Different Types of Consciousness

Life in a nutshell is simply a computer comprised a CPU (Mind) and a memory container (Consciousness). Life is unique only to itself; and therefore each is totally different from the rest. The reason is simply because not all lives have the same memories and experiences. Their interpreters (Mind) are also different. When people say that someone has a mind of her/him self, perhaps they really refer to these differences.

If we accept that there are differences among all lives, then we can assume that there must be different types of consciousness. And my assumption is that there are probably five different types of consciousness. Each of them lives independently in its own environment and depends on different kinds of climate and nutrient. These are primitive consciousness, basic consciousness, advanced consciousness, intellectual consciousness, and cosmo consciousness. Perhaps the reader could come up with one and even two.

Primitive Consciousness
Going back a couple billion years, we would find that life on earth had begun to take shape. These primitive lives, bacteria, born out of the right condition (water, heat, earth, and oxygen). These guys can survive in any condition - earlier earth was very hostile. Perhaps, this was when memories were beginning to form.

Primitive conscious organisms, similar to other life forms, live among themselves and will harm intruders. Trying to walk in one of these environments, you will immediately feel the effect produced by these conscious organisms. However, there are some that will adapt to the new environment and even transform and adapt themselves through various processes. Primitive conscious only recognizes its environment and themselves. But they don't have the awareness to know who they are. Their mission is to survive,e grow, expand, and to exist.

Memories of different kinds were being added and updated to the primitive conscious hard drive - consciousness. After several billion years, they still exist.

Basic Consciousness
Life forms on planet earth have come a long way. born, adapted, and transformed themselves into different kinds depending on the environment and the needs. This long awaited oxygen-producer life forms, algae and plants, are perhaps the most important consciousness we have come to respect. They are the basic key to give rise to the more advanced and intellectual ones.

When we take a very closer look at these forms of lives, we can see that they are very conscientious when it comes to the living environment and the food they take. When threatened, they give off chemical to fend themselves.

Although oxygen-producers do not have the thinking brain, they are essentials to other more advanced life forms on planet earth. We and others depend on them for survival.

Advanced Consciousness

Advanced consciousness refers to insects and animals who have a thinking brain. The brain is a medium that transmits information between the physical body and the thought. Advanced consciousness lives use their thinking brain to plan and organize their thoughts. Memories play a major role in their decision-making.

When we study insects and animals, we see that they are similar to human beings in every aspect - except they have no self-realization. For instance, ants find their ways using chemical senses. Bees using vibration as their way of communication. Other animals use other form of communication such chemical, body language, and sound.

I classify these types of animal beings as advanced consciousness due to the fact that they know how to plan and organize their life. The most important thing about these consciousness is that they care for their families. Each of them behaves according to their hierarchy Most of them live in group similar to human beings.

The goal for the beings is to survive and survive only - nothing more.

Intellectual Consciousness
To qualify as intellectual consciousness, a being must have the ability to not only plan and organize but must also have the ability to transform the formed thought to reality. The intellectual conscious beings have the ability to reflect on themselves as well as others. They follow their code of conduct and rely on morality as the way of life.

These description certainly sounds very much like human beings. For the past million or so years, humans have logically transformed the surface of the earth - making it the way it is today. Human beings, no doubt, are not only very intelligent but also are great problem solvers. It is with the intelligence that human beings are able to use their memories in both positive and negative ways.

The goal of these beings is to survive, be recognized, and be happy. They will do whatever it takes to achieve this goal.

Cosmos Consciousness
To be considered having cosmos consciousness, one must understand the entire system - seen and unseen. The cosmos consciousness individual knows that there are more to know than a mere eye can see. He knows, deep in his own thought, there are many realms of existence beyond human realm.

Cosmos consciousness beings understand the law of 'Karma or Kamma'. The word karma comes from sanskrit and kamma from pali language. Kamma simply means 'action' - nothing more. These beings understand that action is the cause of all creations.

Some spiritual seekers may become cosmos conscious beings through the practice of compassion and insight meditation.

The goal for these conscious beings is to be in the blissful state of mind.

Mind is a non-physical process and consciouness is a non-physical stored memories. They have the ability to grow, adapt and transform themselves as need be. As they grow, they become logical thinkers and place themselve in different types of consciousness.

In this blog, I have briefly described the different types of consciousness based on personal feeling. Readers are encouraged to investigate and use logical judgement to come to conclusion.

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