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Is Reality Subjective or Objective

by Jack Panyakone

This is a question to the mind itself; because Mind has a mind of its own. If it truly has a mind of its own, then it could be both.

If Reality is subjective, it must be able to think and analyze without superiority. Perhaps Mind is superior to Reality. Reality is really whatever Mind wants it to be. Mind reasons through the use of its consciousness (memories). All lives are dictated by their minds. Everything that we see and feel were created by the Mind. Therefore, Reality is subjective to only the Mind itself.

It is questionable to think if Reality is objective. We don't really know if Reality has a goal to attain. Perhaps it does but then again; perhaps it does not. However, if we think lives were created by the Mind then lives are tentatively the objects of the Mind. In this sense, Reality is too objective to the Mind and has a purpose of being whatever the Mind wants it to be. Using any known object that is created by any life, we can see that these objects have purpose and dictated by the Mind itself.

I mentioned the word 'tentatively' earlier in this paragraph due to the fact that all visible (and some invisible) forms or objects are temporarily. They will expire in time. This is not the case with Mind. Mind and Consciousness live on forever. You have heard previous life, present life, and next life.

There is no conclusive evidence to think that Reality is subjective or objective. Reality is whatever Mind wants it to be - either objective or subjective or both.

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