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Kamma Means Action

by Jack Panyakone

The word Kamma (pali) or Karma (sanskrit) comes from an ancient indian language. This term was used in Northern India around 550 BC and usually inscribed in religious text.

Today, the term is comparable to the phrase 'Cause And Effect' which is commonly used in scientific writing or 'Golden Rules' which is used in religious conversation. The south easterners use this term to refer to 'Good Actions Produce Good Results' and vice versa.

Although the word KAMMA has nothing to do with religion other than referring to ACTION, people (usually southeasterners) usually attach this word in conversation to remind them to do good. People are fortunate to have such a word to help guide them to the path of happiness when nothing else seems to work.

To truly understand everything about ourselves, our homes, our cities, countries, and our world is to reflect on, first, our past KAMMA. In my previous blog, I mentioned the words 'PRESENT' and 'NOW' which is the result of this past KAMMA. The future then will be the result of what is currently (PRESESNT, NOW) being developed. Good or bad, thou shall receive.

Nothing in this world and other worlds is coincidental. Everything which has happened or will happen can be explained. The difficult part is understanding it. We all have different knowledge and different levels of intelligence. Therefore, we all will not perceive the result the same way.

I am the owner of my own actions. Good or bad, Soon I shall receive

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