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Mind - The Interpretation

by Jack Panyakone

by Jack Panyakone

It is difficult to define the word 'Mind'. Ask any scholar on the subject matter; they will give you a vague answer - one that is definitely going to confuse you even more. Each scholar will share different thought, opinion, and definition. The reason is simply - mind has no physical body for examination.

Mind, in my opinion,  is a process. Deep at its core (if it has one), Mind is a Life's Central Processing Unit (LCPU). The uniqueness of each life, any life (i.e. plant, insect, animal, human), is this LCPU whiich is inherited from the past. The continuation of existence, visibly and invisibly, once existed will always exist until the attachments of the material world cease to exist. Its sole purpose is to recognize its existence or to be recognized as 'self'.

Mind, like a computer's CPU, is a set of instructions programmed since its first birth - perhaps some 4 billion years ago. It uses these instructions to analyz the senses (interactions between objects, subjects, space, and time), to compare the external data to the stored data, to update the old data with the new ones, and to save the data to the storage location - Consciousness. Like a computer, mind continues to grow - from infant to child, from child to adolescent, from adolescent to youth, from youth to adult, and so on.

At the very low level, similar to 0s and 1s for computer language, Mind communicates through one language – universal truth (synchronicity or vibration). Individually, mind has its own way of interpreting information based on its CPU - environment, society, space, and time. Because mind is non-physical, it can easily be shaped, formed, and influenced.

In short, mind is a processor that continues to add and update the stored information - consciousness.
  • Spiritually, we should love all lives as ourselves.
  • Philosophically, all lives deserve living.
  • Scientifically, all lives are made of the same stuff.
  • Phenomenally, believe in the possibility not bound to any faith.
  • Personally, self is a label and mortal.

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