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Past Life and Future Life

by Jack Panyakone

Mind - intellect, life's central processing unit (CPU)
Consciousness - knowledge, memories, information

Some suggest that 'life is magical'. Others feel that life is intelligent. Another group thinks life was sent by an entity. I say that life is both magical and intelligent; and it is possibly sent to earth by itself and not by an 'unknown' entity. No one knows for sure of the latter. However, all would agree on the first two.

To analyze the thought together, let me present a simple question. If there is one life to live, should we all have the same intellect? Meaning, if all lives begin at zero knowledge, we all should be learning everything at the same rate given the same mother, father, neighbor, village, town, society, school, and etc... However, we see that every life has different intellect and learn at different rate; even the twins born in the same housewhole do not end at the same knowledge. People living in the same house, same town, same village disagree on many topics even though the goal is the same. WHY? hints: intellect and knowledge

My opinion is that all lives are born with different levels of intellect/knowlege and not at zero as mentioned in previous paragraph. We learn and retain information at different rate based on our mind and consciousness. If this is so, where did the intellect and knowledge come from the moment the infact is born. Some people excel in certain subject(s) faster than their peers as they age. Others recall things they have never encountered in this lifetime. And a small group claim they can see the unseen or the future. Are they nuts? crazy? Unless we are ignorant ourselves, we should not claim that they are nuts or crazy. There might just be some truth to what they say and see.

My Answer
Mind and consciousness don't die like the physical body. They continue to exist with and through time and space. How is it possible? Well, mind and consciousness consist of small particles - unseen to a naked eye. Similar to a housewhole electrical wire. We don't see it is alive; but we can feel it is. We can feel the current running from end to end and back to its source. Reincarnation Evidence: Stevenson's Research, Youtube, When the intellect and consciousness are not in the seen form/body, they express themselve through other means - some call them spirits, ghosts, or gods. When they are incarnated in the body, they bring back all the past intellect and knowledge. They continue their lives from the past. This is what makes each of the living forms unique. Whether we are born as a dog, a cat, a plant, or a human, we retain our intellect and memories. Now, if we believe that tomorrow, next month, next year, next lifetime depends on our current and past actions, then this lifetime must have come from the pastlife.

Synopsis and Scenarios:
Life is unfair and unjustice. No matter what we do, it does not seem to go our way. Others seem to get whatever they wish. Some acquire things without effort. Why is that? A luck of a draw? A couple gets divorced after 15, 20, 25 years living together. A close-knitted family going different directions in ideas. Once there was love and now there is hate. A homeless won a lottery. A millionaire going broke. The rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer. And vice versa. A, seemed innocent, baby born with deficiencies, mute, deaf, blind, crippled. A lifetime criminal gets a second chance and is making a significant impact on society. A case againt a priest of having molested at least four boys ("Nun Said She Saw Priest Molest Boy", Religion and Child Abuse News, A school teacher sleeps with a 14 year old student ("Lafave is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old student at least five times at her home, at school and in the back of her SUV.", Fox News, Synopsis, scenarios, and documents are endless.

We can now picture the scenes from these examples. Regardless of how knowledgeable some of us are about the good and evil, black and white, heaven and hell, the unavoidable circumstances must happen. Life continues, and conforms to KARMA, from the past with or without realizing the end result. Some southeasterners believe that their actions, or KARMA, determine their future. The meaning not only is meant for this lifetime but also for the next lifetime as well. For instance, if you kill a dog, the same scene will be repeated in the next lifetime. Only that you are the subject. If you do good in this lifetime, you will take all the goods you have done with you to the next lifetime.

We should not disprove or reject the concept of past-life or future-life. Rather, all of us should do our own research on the topic. Afterall, the action we make at this moment determines our future. In my opinion, those who understand the concept fare well with their life. Perhaps something is missing in your life; or perhaps you are going through hardships. After all the readings, take an insight meditation - specifically vipassana meditation. Why meditation? hints: when you are at peace, you see things clearer; you just might be able to travel through time and space just like your counterpart - intellect and knowledge.

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