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The Effect Caused by Action

by Jack Panyakone

A truly story. Although the story is about right and wrong, moral and immoral; it is connected to our consciousness and mind.

While working at the gymnasium, one of the three teenagers who were performing community work asked me if I knew martial arts. I guess the perception is that all asians know martial arts. The dialoque went like this:

Me: I am against fighting. paused.. harming others is not a good way to live.
Young man: What if you have to defend yourself.
Me. Why would you have to defend yourself? Unless you put yourself in the situation.
Young man: What if you get mugged in the street?
Me: Why would you get mugged? Unless you somehow invite the intruder.
Young man: What if your car broke down and you had to walk to a gas station.
Me: How often will your car break down?

The young man continued with more what if questions. I, on the other hand, answered his questions with a simple question - to trigger a thought processor "mind".

Young man: What if you get robbed at the house?
Me: Why would you live in the neighborhood where robbery is likely to occur? Robbery is likely to occur where security is insufficient.

Finally the truth came out. The young man's mind triggered the memories that caused him to pose these 'what-if' questions.

Young man: What if you are stuck?
Me: Well, if you are stuck, you cannot undo the past. It will remain with you forever. However, you can create different atmosphere around your past. For instance, if your memories are like an ugly hole formed in front of your house, no one would want to stop by and speak to you - your past is too ugly. If you could decorate it with rocks and flowers making it more enticing for people to stop by. In addition, add water to the hole so it looks more like a decorative pond. Your ugly hole will be covered with beauty. I am sure people will begin to stop by and talk to you. This is how you cover up your past. We can relate rocks, flowers, and water to love, kind, and compassion. Keep in mind, the moment you stop taking care of these three items, your ugly side will begin to show up. Mind and consciousness do not just die. They forever exist. The memories of our actions continue to popup - especially the bad ones. And we continue to live with either fond memories or bad memories.

I am not sure how the young man took what I shared with him. But I do hope he would reflect on the information given to him.

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