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Four Stages in Any One Life

by Jack Panyakone

There are 4 stages in any life form -- from micro organism to intellectual human being. When we analyze a plant seed, we understand ourselves (maybe).

See where you fit...

1. Seeding -- premature, ignorant, stupid, no common sense, self-denial: It doesn't matter what you do to this person, he just DOESN'T GET IT. Don't waste your time with this one. I'm sure you'd rather do something productive for yourself and others; but not this one.

2. Budding -- becoming mature, willing to accept, beginning to understand: Given enormous information and time, this form of life will understand the CAUSE but it doesn't know how to reason. With help and guidance, this person will understand you. But don't expect him to reason for himself. He hasn't acquired the ability to do it. Perhaps with time, he will bloom. He will remember and appreciate your help and guidance.

3. Blooming -- intellectual, self-acknowledged: Given little information, this person will understand the CAUSE and know how to REASON. Do share information with this one. He is intelligent enough to accept your comment(s). He is on his way to becoming a GREAT THINKER. You will not be dispointed with this person. You just might learn something from this person. Please do not avoid this type of person.

4. Blossom -- intuitive, very intellectual, extremely rational: Without any intervention, this person will understand the whole Cosmos in its entirety. This is the person we all should look up to. Just looking into your eyes, he can read your thought. He knows what to say and what not to say. There are only a number of them on earth. Search hard and you will find them. Perhaps, this individual could be you.

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