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Mind and Consciousness are physical

by Jack Panyakone

In earlier posts, I wrote that mind and consciousness do not have physical bodies. This is because I did not want to confuse the readers and due to the fact that these two are unseen. I wanted to connect memories to consciousness and mind before delving into their physical world.

We all know nothing can exist without a physical living body. Mind and consciousness are no exception. They too must have bodies - living bodies. These bodies are so small to be seen by a human eye and enormous - extending throughout the space. These tiny living bodies, called atom, are powered by an electrically charged and uncharged particles. However, with the right equipment, one can examine the way they dance around. This could be compared to a train-of-thought.

Mind and conscioiusness communicate using these electrically charged and uncharged atoms. During communication, the transmission rate is so quick that a snap cannot be compared. For instance, when mind begins its process (thinking), images begin to form in an unknown location (all of us call it head) or perhaps these memories are everywhere. These images are memories which reside in consciousness. The transmission is so fast that there is no formula for it.

In conclusion, mind and consciousness are physical but they are so small to be seen by any life beings. They are scattered everywhere around the formed and living body - any BODY. They communicate using charged and uncharged atoms. With highly sophisticated instrument, we can detect them. An aura surrounding you - what do you think they are?

As always, readers are encouraged to investigate with open mind before concluding any subject matter.

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