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The Actual Location of Our Memory

by Jack Panyakone

I ask a friend a week ago - where are your memories? She replied - in my head. I, then, gave her a couple of statements and asked her another question. It went like this:

If you think all memories are stored in the head, how much memories have you stored in it since your birth? And, how come your head does not seem to get bigger? And, if a doctor cuts your head open, do you think he would find all these memories?

It is very common that we, or any life, make statements based on our past experiences - mostly without any logic. Maybe because we have heard it a thousand times before. It is not that we are incapable of analyzing the thought. We, some of us, just don't like to take time to logically think through. Perhaps there is a logic behind this statement as well - don't take time to think.
In the last post, I mentioned that mind and consciousness do have physical bodies. But they are so small that we cannot see. Compared to electricity, they are smaller than particles found in electricity. Within a living life, any life, there are electrically charged particles called mind and consciousness, in my view. These two words make up living life. To confirm the last statement is to put your finger on a bare electrical cord with power turned on. If you get electrocuted, this confirms the statement. You must not use a plastic glove for the experiment though.
Memories are not stored in the head as my friend had suggested. They are everywhere and references in consciousness itself. The actual place of a thought object is the actual location of that particular memory. If we say a house is located at 123 My Street. The memory is, therefore, also located at 123 My Street - not in the head. For instance, if we are 1000 miles away from this house, the memory is still at this location - 1000 miles away from the head. To prove this argument is to drive to this location and see if the house is there - don't drive to you head. Our conscious compares 1. the stored reference in the consciousness to 2. the actual location when our senses are triggered (e.g. senses are sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, and intuition). If the two are not equal, we question. Otherwise, the mind updates the reference in the consciousness.
In summary, memories are stored at the actual location of the object or the subject. Our mind stores references of these memories in consciousness. As always, before accepting or denying this notion, one should always logically analyze the subject matter.
Love life as yourself, who can you hurt? ~jp

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