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The Continuation from the Past

by Jack Panyakone

Consciousness (memories) evolves and continues to grow. It began as a single celled-organism unconsciousness. But through time, it has grown to be a very intellectual being. You an I are, too, a part of this continuation.

Conscioiusness is magical. All memories of the past are retained in this non-physical spot and cannot be erased. Each and every life uses these memories to plan and organize their lives. For instance, insects and animals know what to eat and where to live based on their memories. Human beings use their memories the same way. These memories have brought our planet earth to what it is - today.

How consiousness works, no one knows. But what I know is that memories do not reside in physical bodies. And if they don't have a physical home, then, they forever exist. This is the magical part of our world.

Speaking of consciousness isn't complete without speaking of mind. As mentioned in other post, mind is similar to central processing unit compared to computer. Without mind, consciousness cannot exist. Mind saves new information and updates the old information in this very consciousness. Mind, too, does not have a physical home. Once born, it lives and grows forever. Mind is unique and has its own conscioiusness (memory storage).

The concept of reincarnation isn't new. The ancients loved to explore and to learn about the unknown. They realized that lives are born based on their past consciousness and actions. Every new life, any life, brings with it an inherited memories and actions. Each an every one of them will grow and live their lives based on these memories and actions (kamma). This is not predestionation or predetermination due to the fact that action can be alterned.

How reincarnation works, no one really knows. But, my feeling is that mind enjoys to be recognized and enjoys expressing its feelings. The only way it could do this is to live in a physical body - any body. After a body dies, mind continues to live in a non-physical form. If it has any attachements to the earthly world, it will try to zap into a new born based on its consciousness. If its previous life was an animal, it more than likely to return as an animal. However, if it had accumulated intelligent consciousness in the past life, it would be reborn as a human. My feeling is that animals and insects are rarely to be reborn as human. For instance, it took us at least a billion years to become who we are. Yes, we were NOT human then. Humans, too, will be reborn as human after the bodies are no longer functional unless they, during their human life, have accumulated a higher consciousness.

Case Study:
1. A twin, born from one mother, raised the same way, fed the same food, lived in the same home. Did these two individuals have the same mind and consciousness?

2. An individual, born from un-educated parents who are negative about everything, excels in learning, is quick with positive thought, and surrounds himself/herself with intelligent people. Why?

3. Deja Vu: The term refers to having already experienced. Many of us have these feelings, having experienced before, but unsure of when. Perhaps, this is a flashback of unconscious mind - unconsciously trigger by the mind. In my opinion, memories do not get erased. They are compiled, compressed every second - or even milisecond.

4. It is possible that someone is able to foretell the future - psychic ability. People can't really foretell the future without any kind of information. However, given information about the foretelling individual and the conscioiusness of the teller, perhaps it is possible to predict the individual's future. Compared to a computer user, he knows by moving a mouse over a linking icon, he can click and predict what is to happen.

Reincarnation is perhaps the reason our world is what it is. Humans use these past memories to design their lives. If reincarnation is not real, all lives would be born with the same bases. Case Study 1 would result in exact mind. Case Study 2 would result in the similar fashion as his/her parents. Case Study 3 'deja vu' would not occur. Or the word psychic would not even exist in Case Study 4.

Conclusion, I am not trying to convince readers to believe my writing. However, I encourage you to investigate this concept - reincarnation.

With firm understanding of the concept of mind and consciousness, in the next post, we will explore the concept of reincarnation.

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