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What is Perception?

by Jack Panyakone

Perception: An understanding, recognition, insight, or intuition from our senses

How does one come to understand anything? Life's perception is based solely on its learned knowledge, experiences, and feelings (senses). Knowledge, experiences, and feelings are unique to each and every life. The learned knowledge are acquired through various sources such reading, friends and teachers, and thought. Experiences are acquired through interactions with reading, friends and teachers, and thought. Feelings are acquired from knowledge and experiences. Perception is therefore based on these three items and perhaps more..

To simplify the concept of perception is to come up an easy to understand equation (e.g. mind + consciousness + recept (already formed idea)  + precept (society and culture) + misc (other) = perception). This, in my view, is how one perceives things. It is because of these variables, we understand things differently than our counter part.

With this said, it is best not to argue with your colleagues. If s/he thinks that they are right, it does not really make us wrong. We could also be right based on the above equation. It is best not to be too firm with one's belief but to be open to the possibilities that are out there.

In short, perception is based on one's own learned knowlege, experiences, and feelings. Perception comes to exist from the followings criterias:

1. Mind - the Central Processing Unit of a living body
2. Consciousness - memories of the past (information attained)
3. Recept - recessive of the past perception or understanding (formed idea)
4. Precept - moral conduct or rules based on the society and culture (religion or cult)
5. Miscellaneous - an immediate influential source (friends, teachers, or present feeling)

This is my perception of the word perception. It does not make me right or wrong. Likewise to the readers.

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